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    Is Your Home Eco-Conscious?

    After assembling a work crew to build an eco-friendly home from the ground up, Amy Holmwood observed that not all of the contractors were green to the core. A company hired to install insulation made of recycled newspaper used a diesel generator to power the equipment instead of a cleaner, greener power source like solar. […]

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    Finding the best flooring solution for your remodel

    Your home is your castle¬†and if you are planning to renovate you should ¬†focus on making the most dramatic changes that best serve you and your family. Besides paint, new flooring is the most dramatic thing your can change. The right flooring can change a room’s effect on your mood, sense of well being and […]

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    Windows and doors are like jewelry from your home.

    Windows and doors are like jewelry from your home. The make a huge impact not just on the look of your home but also on the soundproofing, insulation and the light impact on your furnishings. Windows The way they are constructed, makes double hung windows very popular. Cleaning double hung windows are easier than windows […]

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    Finding more floor space through a basement remodel

    You have been repeatedly told that finishing the basement of your home is a cost effective way of obtaining additional floor space. Since the basement is at a different level from your main living area you can finish it to gain a quiet and peaceful place to use as your home office, sport’s room, home […]

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    Ever run out of hot water? Here’s the permanent solution.

    We all know hot water is very much a necessity. Most of us have water heaters at home and do not give it a second thought, we just assume we will have hot water on a daily basis until you are standing in the shower and the water goes cold because someone in the other […]

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    Mixing Styles With Country French Antiques

    France is known for its innovation in style and fashion in every century. French antiques mark as being highly decorative, elaborate and ostentatious. Great emphasis was placed on decoration and display. Historically, true French Provincial antiques blended with the farmhouse styles found within different regions of France. This blending became known as French Country Style. […]

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    Silence is golden: Soundproofing Floors the Easy Way.

    If you’ve ever had to listen to children, pets or household members making a lot of noise when all you wanted was peace and quiet, you already know the importance of soundproofing floors. If you have an older home, you probably deal with this regularly. In years past, people weren’t as concerned with soundproofing as […]

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    Preparing Your Household for COVID-19

    Before a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community: PlanA COVID-19 outbreak could last for a long time in your community. Depending on the severity of the outbreak, public health officials may recommend community actions designed to help keep people healthy, reduce exposures to COVID-19, and slow the spread of the disease. Local public health officials […]